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2015 Board Game Calendar by Scott King
The Component Proponent
Updated: Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014
Time. Each and every day, 1,440 more minutes tick, tick, tick their way into oblivion, taking with them lost opportunities and the memory that I already used this exact same intro just a couple videos ago.

Hi, I’m Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise. For the past three years, four months and twenty-six days, I’ve been a proponent of temporal tracking utilities, such as my friend here, the calendar. I know I’ve been an annual almanac advocate this long, because I use a calendar. Today on The Component Proponent, I’ll be taking a look not at a component for a board game, but a component about board games: the 2015 board game calendar by Scott King.

There’s many reasons why the humble calendar is my favorite method to track the passage of time. It’s more portable than a sundial, more practical than waiting until the next ice age, and more accurate than just pretending it’s always Thursday.

And that’s why, when I first heard that there’s a calendar featuring fantastic photos of board games, I was so excited that I called up my younger sister to tell her the news, even though it was four in the morning, she’s not into board games, and I don’t have a younger sister.

A board game-themed calendar is the ultimate complementary component for your gaming collection. That’s why mine hangs here, in a space of honor among my autograph collection.

This particular calendar was created by Scott King, a photographer, gamer, author of several books and host of the Creator’s Cast podcast. Yes, if you want to stop feeling good about the amount of artistic endeavors you’ve accomplished in your life, then look no further than to Scott King: human ego check.

Looking at Scott “the-man-who-apparently-can-do-everything” King’s calendar, each month highlights a popular modern board game with an artistic flair. Some of my favorites include the photo of Gravwell (because he captured a great sense of movement in such a simple image), Love Letter/Eldritch Horror (because it’s a beautiful composition), and Alien Frontiers (because it reminds me of my plans to, one day, conquer the moon).The calendar also includes geeky holidays, (such as Star Wars day and Cthulu Eats Spaghetti Day), and indicates the dates of several of the most popular board game conventions!

If you would like more information about this board game calendar, peruse its pictures and perhaps purchase one of your own, you can do so on Scott “oh-look-he-can-make-websites-too” King’s website at And if you want to depress yourself by comparing your list of creative achievements against his, you can follow him on Twitter @ScottKing, and listen to him on his excellent podcast, the Creator’s Cast, a show about content creators, and the things they make. On each twenty minute episode, he speaks to comics artists and writers, film makers, authors, game designers, and other online personalities. Even though he’s spoken with many media makers on his podcast, there’s plenty more that he hasn’t interviewed yet. Some of whom are currently available. Yes, there’s at least one media creator I can think of that Scott hasn’t had on his show yet.

If someone was scheduled to appear on the Creator’s Cast, they could mark the date on their 2015 board game calendar. Just sayin'.

So, if you’d like to support a nice, creative member of the board game community, check out Scott’s work. The only thing I don’t know about him is if he’s a good sport… but after he sees this episode, I have a feeling I’ll find out.
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