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About Pair of Dice Paradise

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What is Pair Of Dice Paradise?
Plastic DinosaursI've had a passion for playing and creating board games for as long as I can remember. I created my first game in second grade. It was a simple dinosaur themed roll-and-move game. It had a track of about 30 spaces, and used tiny plastic dinosaur toys I had as the player pieces. It was simple, but my fellow second graders loved it. That was all it took; I was hooked on playing and tinkering with board games from that moment on.

But recently, I'd found my work life slowly encroaching more and more info my home life. After coming home from work, I'd inevitably end up working on more work. I desperately needed a vacation from my vocation. To remedy this, I decided to launch, a blog with reviews, news and commentary about board games. I hope you enjoy it!

Who's living in the Pair Of Dice Paradise?
Chaz "Adaygrit" Marler
A web designer with a passion for publishing, Chaz has always enjoyed board games. Pair of Dice Paradise combines all three of his pursuits into one chewy internet treat.
After her burgeoning career as a cantaloupe farmer was cut short by starting preschool, Veebug decided to devote herself to playing with family and friends. Today, she co-hosts the Growing Up Gamer segments with Adaygrit.

How do you rank games in your reviews?
Games are rated on five criteria:
1. Rules Comprehension
Are the rules easy to understand and appropriate? If a game's rules are poorly communicated, or there's a bunch of special rules that you have to remember when playing, it could lower this score.

2. Replay Value
This score is a based on whether the game's design is dynamic enough to keep players engaged during multiple replays. Simply put: how likely am I to want to play this game again?

3. Components
This criteria addresses the questions of: Are the components produced at an appropriate quality level for this game? How well is the game's theme applied?

4. Price / Value
Is it priced appropriately for amount of game that you get for your money?

5. Fun Factor
A completely subjective ranking of how much fun I have playing this game. Even a game with well-written rules and top-notch components can be a drag to play, and vice-versa.

Each of these five criteria are ranked on a scale of 1-10. The higher the score, the better. A definition of the rating scale is available to the right.

These scores are unscientific and completely subjective. If any ratings seem inconsistent from one game to the next, then I was likely distracted during my review by something entertaining that the cat did.

Rating Scale
10: Slice of Heaven
Slice of Heaven
9: Excellent
8: Great
7: Good
6: Fair
5: Average
4: Below Average
Below Average
3: Poor
2: Terrible
1: Hell on Earth
Hell on Earth
Are you paid for your reviews?
Nope. I believe that being paid to review a product is a conflict of interest. The reviewer cannot form an objective opinion of a game if there's a monetary incentive on the table.

Where do you get the games that you review?
Most of the games that I review are straight from my personal collection. Others are borrowed from friends or provided by people who insist on being awesome by donating them.

If you've developed or published a game that you'd like to have me possibly review on my website, get in contact with me and let me know. I don't accept payment for reviews, believe that being paid to review a product is a conflict of interest. The reviewer cannot form an objective opinion of a game if there's a monetary incentive on the table. So, while I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to review every game that comes my way, I can guarantee that the review will be unbiased and (hopefully) informative and entertaining.

Do you do paid previews for upcoming games or kickstarters?
That's certainly an option. I know first-hand that when you're working on a startup, you need all of the publicity that you can get. If you're a game designer and you think that Pair of Dice Paradise would be beneficial in assisting in your PR efforts, well, then I'd be honored to help out how I can. If you have a project that you'd like to have previewed, contact me to discuss it.

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