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A Board Game Thrift Trip
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Sunday, Mar 8, 2015

Hello, Chaz Marler of Pair Of Dice Paradise. Today, I’ll be looking at board games that… Wait, what? Really? This is my fiftieth “Head In The Clouds” segment? Cool! Well, this calls for a celebration, a party, a parade… well, if not, at least a day off. To honor the occasion, I’m going to go do one of my favorite board game related activities.You guys are invited to come along too!

One aspect of the board gaming hobby that doesn’t get as much coverage as I think it should is thrifting. Scouring second-hand and thrift stores for hidden board game treasures can sometimes be just as fun as playing a game itself. I’m looking at you, Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue. There’s always a few Board Game Geek forums discussing it, and Hunter Shelburne of the Weaponsgrade Tabletop YouTube channel has a nicely done “Big Game Hunter” series on the topic, but other than that, I haven’t found much else. Is there more info on it out there that I’m missing?

So, here we are at one of my local thrift stores. What hidden treasures will we find today! Well, so far, I’m being greeted by the usual thrift store fare. Let’s see, we have Sports Scene It, Sports Scene It (still in shrink), Twilight Scene It, Scene It Silver Tin Edition, TV Scene It, Blue Box Scene It, and TV Scene It and Blue Box Scene It side-by-side, aww, they found each other!

I just heard a Dice Tower episode this last week where Tom Vasel mentioned that he played Chinese Checkers as a kid. I wonder if I should get a copy of it for him.

Jumanji was tempting, but I don’t know where I’d keep the disoriented middle-aged man that comes trapped in the box.

Does anyone out there need 147,000 Trivial Pursuit cards? I think I know where I can get them.

If you act now, you can not only get a copy of Camp Rock, but also a backup copy of Camp Rock, just in case you accidentally throw your original copy of Camp Rock into an incinerator.

U-Build Monopoly has been tempting, just for the connectible hexes. I wonder if I could incorporate the little drawbridges into HeroScape. Halt, Jandar, thou shall not proceed until thou payest the fee for my tollbridge.

Found a copy of Scruples, the game that my parents would invite other couples over to play… once. Man there were a lots of Scruples-generated arguments in that house. Almost bought this just to keep Camp Rock company in the incinerator.

The little known game of “Clu”.

I was just about to grab the Twilight The Movie Board Game, just to play it ironically, when I also discovered the Twilight Saga New Moon The Movie Board Game. There’s no way I could decide between those and the copy of the Twilight Saga New Moon The Movie Board Game collectible commemorative tin edition, that they also had. In the end, I just couldn’t choose between them, and had to leave them all behind behind.

I was just about to give up on finding anything, good or bad, when I stumbled onto my find for the day.

So, that's the risk you take when you go thrifting. Sometimes you find a hidden treasure, like the time I found a copy of Filthy Rich, a really underrated game that I love, and some times you come home with Justin Bieber Backstage Pass. Do you thrift, and, if so, what percentage of the time do you come home with hidden gems, empty handed... or worse? Let me know in the comments below.

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