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Behind The Scenery: Season 3 Fundraiser Update #2
The Silver Lining
Updated: Friday, Oct 9, 2015

Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair of Dice Paradise here, with a special episode in our The Silver Lining series, which takes a look at things behind the scenes here on the channel. Today, in celebration of Pair Of Dice Paradise’s Twitter account, @DiceParadise, reaching three thousand followers, we’ll literally look behind the scenes. That’s because several days ago, I posted a challenge to reach 3,000 twitter followers.

Well, shortly after the gauntlet was thrown down, we smashed right on by three thousand followers. Thank you. And so, as promised, without further ado, let’s reveal what’s beyond the blue sky. But first, a little history. In 1947, a small band of immigrants found themse--

On second thought, maybe I’ll just get on with it… Here we go. (REMOVES BACKDROP)

So, what are we looking at? This is a promotional poster of Mike Nelson and the bots from the late, great Mystery Science Theater 3000 television show, also known as MST3K. For those not familiar with MST3K, they would show cheesy movies, the worst that they could find. While the movie played, they’d superimpose their silhouettes in the bottom corner of the screen while they riffed on the movie, making jokes and basically ridiculing it unmercifully. The very first episode I saw was “Outlaw” (starring Jack Palance!), and I never laughed so hard, for so long, in my life.

This particular poster has a bit of a story behind it.

In 1947, a small band of immigrants found themse-- er, sorry. Wrong story. About a dozen years ago, my wife and I would frequent a local video store. That particular chain of stores would display these big, square, black and white promotional posters of different movies and characters. Well, one day, I entered the store and there was this big Mystery Science Theater poster hanging up above the comedy videos. My wife could tell right away that I was enamored with it. So, what did she do? She waited, patiently, as the days, weeks and months went by. Finally, one day, somehow getting her timing just right, she managed to catch the store just as they were replacing all their posters with a new shipment. She intersected this one just as it was on its way to the dumpster, rescued it, and brought it back to me.

Now, regular viewers may notice the direct influence Mystery Science Theater 3000 has on Pair Of Dice Paradise, especially our Thrift Sift series (where I discuss games that I pick up at Thrift Stores because they look interesting, bizarre, or a combination of both). Not to mention the show’s sense of humor in general. Even PoDP’s production values and set are influenced by MST3K. Sure, the cloud backdrop matches the Paradise/Head In The Clouds theme, but it also echoes the iconic MST3K silhouettes.

But my admiration of Mike, Joel, Forrester, Frank and the bots aren’t why I’m proud to have this poster secretly watching over each video that we record. That pales in comparison to my appreciation of the thought and effort that my amazing wifie put into procuring this promotional poster. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of how much more awesome she is than me.

(IN CUTAWAY, SPEAKING TO CAMERA) But I love you, wifie!Enough to make this video in a lame attempt to find another way to express it to you. So there. I love you.

And to everyone else who’s watching, I continue to have a very strong, professional-level platonic appreciation of you as well. Seriously though, thanks to everyone who’s been watching, subscribing, and helping spread the word about Pair Of Dice Paradise and our Season 3 fundraiser. Speaking of Season 3, I need to go start working on our next batch of board game news, reviews and commentary. So, take care, and I’ll talk to you all again soon.
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