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Contest, News & More: Fundraiser Update #2
The Silver Lining
Updated: Friday, Sep 12, 2014
Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here, with a newsy news bit, an update on the custom playmats, and a new contest that’s been added to our stretch goals!

Newsy News Bit
First off, on Tuesday, September 16th, I’ll be joining friends of the show Marty and Tony on their podcast Rolling Dice And Taking Names. We’ll be discussing podcasting, what I really think of Dead Of Winter and Istanbul, and even this fundraiser.

Playmat Updates
Speaking of which, since the last update, more progress has been made on the custom playmats for the “For A More Stable, Playable Table” perk. I thought it may be interesting to show some of that design process in the video that accompanies this update. Enjoy!

Surprise Product Giveaway Contest
We’re entering the third week of the campaign, a great time for a contest, to not only hopefully inspire those who haven’t yet gotten involved in the campaign, but will also to thank everyone who has already jumped on board.
As of this recording, we’re zooming in towards $2,000 in pledges. When we hit that mark, we’ll have a contest to give away a copy of Tragedy Looper to a lucky donor.

The contest to give away this copy of Tragedy Looper will launch when the campaign has reached the $2,000 mark. Let’s make it happen by helping spread the word about Pair Of Dice Paradise’s Second Season Fundraiser!

Until the next update, thanks to everyone who’s been supporting the show. Talk to you again soon!

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