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Get a Free Plane Ticket with your next Board Game!?
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Monday, Dec 18, 2017
Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here. Today is December, 18th, and less than a week ago Jet Blue threw their hat into the board game publishing arena by releasing the game Get Packing. The game, with a twenty dollar price point and print run of just two hundred copies, included six packing boards, 108 cards, six player boards, a die, a guidebook and a gift certificate for free a round trip plane ticket anywhere JetBlue flies.

The game was made available on and sold out, literally, in seconds. Which is a shame, because Get Packing is the ultimate game to take to your family get-togethers during the holidays. Because if you’re afraid of not having something to argue about with your family over the dinner table this holiday season, well, then simply break out Get Packing to play with your family. If you thought fighting over the last drumstick was bad, wait until your Aunt and Uncle start arguing over whether she gets to visit her estranged sister in Wisconsin, or he uses the ticket to check in with his secret second family in Milwaukee! (Ironically, they don’t realize they’re both planning on visiting the same person.)

But the debate over whether Jet Blue’s board game marketing campaign was a success or failure miss the point. They’ve all completely missed the real controversy; from a board gamer’s perspective: and that’s the fact that Get Packing’s Board Game Geek page is a complete mess! There’s no product image, ratings, comments, designer or artist information, it’s listed as the type “Uncategorized”! The closest thing to a review of the game I’ve been able to find is from the solitary forum post on the game’s page, where BGG user Bill Gallagher posted an excerpt of a quote, stating, “the mechanics of this non eurogame are so unbalanced, it becomes extremely exploitable by hoarders with resources”. And honestly, I can’t tell if that’s a critique of the game itself or of Jet Blue’s marketing campaign for it!

Fortunately, there is hope for Get Packing’s Board Game Geek page, because Jet Blue has announced that they will be releasing several hundred more copies of the game on Monday, December 18th at 3pm Eastern Time. If you’re watching this video on the day it comes out, that’s today! And that means you still have a chance to get a copy of the game, play it, rank it, take pictures, write a review, shoot a video, and help bring its Board Game Geek page up to the bare minimum of completion. Oh, and you’d be able to take a round trip flight anywhere you want for free. But don’t let that distract you from what’s really important here! The Get Packing Board Game Geek page desperately needs your help. So let’s stop slacking; and get cracking ransacking Get Packing to start tackling hacking its nerve-wrackingly lacking BGG page!
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