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How Long To Keep An Unplayed Game?
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016

Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here with a demonstration on how wood glue and expired mayonnaise can be used to upgrade your board... game… (LOOKING AT GAME SHELF, DISTRACTED). I’m sorry. Upgrade your board… (LOOKING AT GAME SHELF AGAIN, DISTRACTED.)Excuse me one moment. (GOES OVER TO GAME SHELF, TAKES DESPERADOS OF DICE TOWN OFF THE SHELF. RETURNS, CARRYING THE GAME.)

In a recent episode, I embarked on a challenge to track how many times I’ve played each of the games in my collection by physically recording each play with a sticker on their boxes.Well, while catching up on posting past plays, I’ve discovered something most disturbing: several games with (gasp, choke) no stickers!

Some games sit patiently in one’s queue of games to be played, sometimes for months, sometimes longer, waiting to work their way to the top of the pile. Other games may go unplayed for a long period of time due to being saved for a special occasion, like playing certain games with family members or others who aren’t as familiar with hobby games.

But, I’m not referring to those situations. I’m referring to those languid, lost games that originally earned their way into your collection with the intention of being played, but have repeatedly, consistently been passed over for other games instead. And now still sit unplayed, like a little stickerless dead end.

Most frustrating is the fact that I bought this game myself with every intention of playing it. It’s not like this was a gift from someone, which comes with certain other social obligations. (Christmas. Chaz unwraps Head Of The Class board game.) Oh, thanks, sis. THINKING: I AM NOW STUCK WITH THIS GAME FOREVER.

So, how long should one hang on to a game that has effectively become a dead end? Should it continue being held on to out hope that its day will come, or should there be a statute of limitations, after which if the game is still unplayed, it should be let go? Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, until next time, enjoy the tip on using wood glue and expired mayonnaise to upgrade your board games. Just, under any circumstances, don’t forget the incredibly important safety precaution that I also mentioned!
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