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Mailbag Q&A #2
The Silver Lining
Updated: Thursday, Feb 20, 2014
It's time to open up the mailbag again for some questions, but today I’m going to do something a little different. This time around, I’m going to respond to a recent question Jeopardy! style: I’m going to give the answer first, followed by the question second. So, here’s the answer to today’s question:

the answer...
My daughter and co-host, VeeBug, recently visited her grandmother’s Sunday School, where, apparently, they hand out these little plastic gold coins with the inscription “I Got Caught Being Good”  to the kids when they’re behaving. After the class, the kids can spend these coins on candy or other treats.

After VeeBug returned from her trip to Grandma’s, we were unpacking her suitcase and we came across her coin, unspent. I asked her why she hadn’t spent hers. She replied that she thought that it would make a good game component, and that I may want it. So, instead of spending this little plastic gold coin on candy for herself, she saved it in order to give it to me.

So, D from the internet, that is the answer to the question:

the question...
“Dear Compulsive Proponent,
I know you like board game accessories, but of all the components you’ve collected, which one is your favorite?"
 - D

There you go. My favorite component in my collection and why.

Do you have a favorite component or board game upgrade that you’ve implemented in your own collection? If so, tell me about it either in this video’s comments, or with this site's contact form, Facebook, or Google+ pages, or the all new BoardGameGeek Pair Of Dice Paradise Guild.

That’s it for this time. A sincere thanks to everyone in the board game community who’s been watching, subscribing and liking Pair Of Dice Paradise. Keep the comments and questions coming. Until next time, I’m Chaz Marler, your Component Proponent.
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