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Making Legendary More Challenging
The Component Proponent
Updated: Saturday, Sep 14, 2013

Legendary is a great game, even when playing solo. However, I’ve found that games with one player (and even two) seem unbalanced in the heroes’ favor, because the player are able to obtain powerful cards at a quicker pace than the villains. After 7-10 turns, the heroes reach a critical mass where you’re unstoppable.

To offset this, we’ve experimented with the following house rules to slow down the heroes’ “power creep” for games with one or two players.

1. Scheme Twists
When a Scheme Twist is played, all players also receive one Wound, in addition to its regular results.

2. Master Strike
When a Master Strike is played, in addition to its regular results, all players also receive Wounds equal to the number of Master Strikes that have been played. (Example: One Wound each for the first Master Strike, two Wounds each for the second Master Strike, and so on.)

3. Mastermind Strength
Masterminds require four successful fights to beat as usual. However, their strength is increased by +2 each time. For example, the Red Skull’s power starts at seven. Therefore, seven power would be necessary to fight him the first time, then nine, then eleven, and thirteen for the final battle.

These additions have made the game much more challenging when playing solo. I hope they can help add an interesting twist for other players as well!

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