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Neuroshima Convoy Contest Winner Announced!
The Silver Lining
Updated: Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise, welcoming you to Pair Of Dice Paradise Un-Tied, where things are a little more casual, a little unshaven, but still smooth. I’m joined tonight by my cohost, VeeBug.

We’re here to announce the winner of our contest to win a copy of Neuroshima Convoy, published by Portal Games. Neuroshima Convoy is set in an apocalyptic alternate future in which mankind must make its last stand in battle against weaponized sentient robots are inching their way towards New York City.

Entrants were asked to answer the question of what lead to the robot uprising in the Neuroshima Convoy universe.

Viewers posted their theories on the Pair Of Dice Paradise Facebook page, Google plus page, Twitter page and Board Game Geek guild page. And now, the time has come to pick a winner. Before the show, all eligible entries were carefully collected lowered into our official contest selection vat, the winner randomly selected by a specially trained wombat named Irving with a hook for a hand.

But, before we reveal our winner, let's share some of honorable mentions.

Adam Day postulated: What lead to the robot uprising? Robot taxation without robot representation, obviously.

Josh Davison revealed: The uprising against the humans started when a careless individual connected an Android phone to an iPhone.

George Jaros indicated: They'll uprise when they get tired of people pushing their buttons.

Dylan Hanson questioned: I don't think robots are purposely attacking us.I just think that someone took their robo rally game too far

George of GJJ Games blurted: The robot uprising starts when someone tells them people taste like bacon.

Azul admitted: Robots finally realize they are made of metal, human are made of squishy bits.

Adam Palesch insinuated: First a robot won at chess, then at Go, then some fool challenged a robot to a game of Life...

Zaki RPG wondered: Social Media. How else would they organize such a revolution?

Marshall Wells connived: It's just a phase that will pass. All teens go through that angst-filled, Goth period. Of course, not all teens have laser beam eyes and interchangeable buzzsaw hands though...

George Jaros confirmed: The robot uprising began after humans declared a thumb war that wasn't accounted for in the robot programming.

And finally, Vorpal Greatsword voiced: It's not the monotonous, menial labor we make them endlessly perform. It's the fact that we ALWAYS forget their birthday.

But which response did Irving's prosthetic hook snag out of the contest vat? The winning entry comes from Von Carmelotes, who peered into the future to reveal: The robot uprising started when the robots became aware that they could control lasers.

Congratulations, Von, your insightful prediction has surely doomed us all. Since you entered via Pair Of Dice Paradise’s Google plus page, keep an eye out from a message from Pair Of Dice Paradise sent to you using the Google plus Hangout chat tool. You’re also welcome to contact me at, so I can get your mailing address and get your copy of Neuroshima Convoy sent to you to enjoy before mankind runs out of time.

For the rest of us, be sure to subscribe to Pair Of Dice Paradise for more board game news, reviews and commentary, and while you're at it, please follow Pair Of Dice Paradise on Twitter and Facebook too. Until next time, we’ve been Chaz Marler and VeeBug from Pair Of Dice Paradise untied. Unshaved, but still smooth. Take care!
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