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Review of Troll Works' Belfort Frame
The Component Proponent
Updated: Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013
Are you tired of your pieces of the Belfort board game flying apart at the slightest touch and inevitably hitting someone in the eye? In this video, Chaz Marler reviews a custom frame by Troll Works studio.

Not only does this specially designed frame help reduce Belfort game-board-induced eye trauma, but it looks super-classy while doing it.

So, whether you're a fan of Belfort, game upgrades, or people who post videos talking about these things, check out this review... in limerick form.
Review of Troll Works' Belfort Frame

This Belfort’s a wonderful game,

No two plays are quite ever the same.

You are building a town,

For your employer, the crown,

But then, something happens which is a shame.


See, the game comes with five pieces of city,

When fit together they look very pretty,

But give them a nudge,

And you’ll be shouting “aw fudge”

They move, which is really a pity.


But, one day on an internet site,

I found something that sounded alright,

A chap was selling a frame,

Specially designed for this game,

Should I try it? I think that I might.


Yes, In this frame I chose to invest.

So, I whipped out my ‘merican Express,

Then sixteen bucks later,

They loaded a freighter.

When it arrived; I was ready to test.


The first thing of which to take note,

It’s its nice faux wood finish coat,

You cannot diminish,

This durable finish,

Chaz Marler approves, quote and unquote.


Yes, this frame is certainly purdy,

But at the risk of getting all nerdy,

More important is whether,

It all fits together,

In a way that is snug and real sturdy.


Speaking to those specific regards,

I attest that the frame’s various shards,

They fit like a glove,

Which is something I love.

There’s even a place for the cards!


But to give a review that has traction,

I’ll state a dissatisfaction.

I’ve heard some who deplore

That you can’t pull apart when you score,

But to me, that’s a minor infraction.


And now, I shall give a sum up.

From me this frame receives a thumb up.

I like it, of course,

So I’ll strongly endorse

Proud of business that this may drum up.


If there’s more info that you’d like to see,

A link in the description there’ll be.

So I’ll see you next time,

But not likely in rhyme,

Your Component Proponent, Chaz Marler, that’s me!

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