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Season 3 Fundraiser Update #5 (Package Parade part 3 of 3)
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Thursday, Dec 10, 2015

Hello, everyone!
Chaz Marler here with news about a package that recently arrived, containing one of the incentive rewards for our Season 3 fundraiser!

The package contained the coins for the"To Coin A Phrase"pledge level!

Now, the coins actually arrived shortlybeforeBGGcon a few weeks ago, and anyone who reached the $80 pledge level prior prior to BGGcon (November 17th) shouldalreadyhave received their coin. The coins for those who have reached that pledge level since BGGcon are having their coins shipped out this week.

If you have not received your coin by November 20th,please contact me I will get a replacement coin sent out to you ASAP.

And if you have pledged less than the $80 level, but would like one of these coins, thenI have news for you that is so excellent that you'll want to call up your college roommate and gloat!(That will teach you to steal my clock radio, Kevin.)

Pledges to the fundraiser arecumulative. For example, if someone previously pledged $50, then they could pledge an additional $30 now and the value of their pledges would be combined to a total of $80 - unlocking the $80"To Coin A Phrase"pledge level.

Those with a subscription pledge (such as pledging $10 a month) will eventually unlock this pledge level too, as soon as the total value of the pledges they have made to the fundraiser reaches the incentive's value.

Coming up next:
The patches for the"Sew Good!"reward will be going to press soon. And, I'm scheduling time in January to start recording videos to answer the questions received for the"Question Everything? Really?"reward. So far, I've only receivedONEperson's question. So, if you were one of the six lucky people to pledge early enough to earn that reward,now's the time to get your question to me!

Thanks to everyone for your support of Pair Of Dice Paradise!

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