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Show Some LooOOOoove to Pair Of Dice Paradise
The Silver Lining
Updated: Friday, Jun 13, 2014
Back before there was the internet, there was sticks and dirt. Okay, wait, I may have gone back a bit too far...

Shortly after sticks and dirt, but still before the internet, there were rolodexes. Little doohickeys that sat on your desk and slowly digested index cards that you fed into them. On each index card was written the contact information of somebody that you thought was worth pretending you would speak to again some day. It was like a miniature popularity contest, with the most frequently used index cards usually bumped towards the front of the list, making them easy to find.

Well, now we have the internet, a world-wide popularity contact list that functions at the speed of web; allowing us to list, sort, and rank things faster than ever before! Hooray, science!

A particular online popularity contest of note is a website called, which is a virtual online rolodex of board game websites.

And, yes, Pair Of Dice Paradise is listed on it.

And, double yes, you can help Pair Of Dice Paradise "bump towards the front of the rolodex" by following the link below and clicking the button to give it some "love".

So please do your part and contribute to this nearly meaningless excruciatingly important popularity contest! Not only will I thank you, but... no, wait, that's it. You'll just have my thanks. Actually, voting on the site is anonymous, so I won't even know who you are, so I won't know who to give my thanks to... so, no, you won't even have that.

But go to the site and click the button anyway because, y-you're... welcome?!?
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