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Tracking Game Plays with Box Dots
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016

Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here, starting the new year off by assessing how many times I’ve played each of the games in my collection. And I’ve been surprised to realize just how many times I have, and haven’t, played certain games.

So, I’ve decided to do an experiment. No, I’m not going to see how many dice I can fit up my nose. (It’s six, anyway.)

No, I wanted a way to quickly visually scan the games in my collection to highlight which ones continually get overlooked. Which means it’s time to introduce a Trendy Board Game Recreational Challenge!

Previous Trendy Board Game Recreational Challenges have been very popular. There’s been the 10x10 challenge, in which you pick ten games to play ten times that year. The post-it note challenge, in which each of your games starts with a post-it note attached to it, and you remove it when you play it, and then you spend all year pretending that you’re going to throw away any game that still has a post-it note attached to it on December 31st even though, no, there’s no way I’m going to throw away this game just because I didn’t play it by some arbitrary deadline. So back off, Kevin!

This year, I’ve developed my own personal challenge, using a pack of Avery quarter-inch round label stickers. Each day that I play a game at least once, I’m putting a sticker on its box.

Now, I’ve already retroactively added stickers for the past three years of my game play statistics that I have logged on

And the results have already surprised me.

I hadn’t realized I’ve played Seasons so many times.

Have I really only played Stockpile once?

Just looking at my game shelf now, I can see which games are underplayed. A situation that I hope this will help me rectify. So the challenge is on!

Are you up to the sticker box Trendy Board Game Recreational Challenge? Or, do you already physically track your gameplays in some other manner, such as logging the plays within the box top, or perhaps by getting game stats tattooed on you body?

Let me knowin the comments!

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