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Update #1: Season 3 Fundraiser
The Silver Lining
Updated: Monday, Oct 5, 2015

Hello! Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here, with an update to our Season 3 fundraiser. First off, zounds abounds! You guys out there in supporter-land raised 20% of the campaign’s target in just the first week! So, to everyone who has contributed so far, I want to say thank you for helping get PoDP S3 off to a great start. And as a small token of my gratitude, I promise never to try and artificially make our third season sound hip by referring to it as PoDP S3 ever again.

A couple more fundraiser notes! First off, an update to the $25 “Wear It Like A Badge” incentive reward. Those who pledge $25 or more to the fundraiser are eligible to receive 8 GeekGold from me on the Board Game Geek website, which they can then use to obtain the official Pair Of Dice Paradise microbadge.

Show off your love for Pair Of Dice Paradise with our hand-crafted microbadge! Or, just say you’re going to, and go buy the “I Drank Paint” badge else instead. It’s okay. I won’t judge you.

When the campaign launched, I had enough GeekGold to award this incentive to the first 30 people who earned it. Well, after the fundraiser launched, two Board Game Geek user’s, Mike and Nikolas, surprised me with generous donations of GeekGold, effectively doubling the number of microbadges I could afford to give out. So, that means that now this incentive will be earned by the first SIXTY supporters who donate $25 or more to PoDP S… … Pair Of Dice Paradise Season Three. So, a huge bonus thanks of gratitude goes out to Mike and Nikolas for their additional support! I really appreciate it!

And for the last item for this update, I wanted to mention a little challenge that’s currently going on over on Pair Of Dice Paradise’s Twitter page at @DiceParadise. We’re super-close gaining our three-thousandth Twitter follower. To celebrate, I wanted to do something special. So, have you ever wondered what’s behind this big blue backdrop? Well, when we reach 3K subscribers, I’ll produce a Frank little video in which I’ll reveal the mystery of what’s behind it. So, that’s fun. … Unless you don’t care, in which case I have nothing to crow about.

And there you go! That’s all fundraiser news for now. I’ll have another update for everyone in a few days, as soon as a certain package arrives. In the meantime, thank you for helping support and spread the word about this our PodPledge fundraiser campaign for PoDP S… … our next season.

Augh, it just has such a cool, hip ring to it. Yes it does. Well, that’s the rudest gesture I’ve seen in awhile.

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