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Why I Resolve Not To Buy Imperial Assault This Year
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Saturday, Jan 17, 2015
Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise, and I’ve been busy spending the first week of the new year being apprehensive that the Fantasy Flight empire recently launched the newest in their line of games based on the Star Wars license, the ambitious Imperial Assault. A game by Alan R. Moon. Oh, wait, that’s no Moon…

Imperial Assault is based on the Descent gaming engine, but is set in the Star Wars universe, setting the stage for stunning sci-fi battles, options for both character-building campaigns and skirmish modes, and opportunities to wield the cosmic power of the force. Plus, there’s that Vader guy.

Well, that settles it then, doesn’t it. I'd like to purchase one Imperial Assault, pleas--no, no no no, as I said in my previous segment: “I resolve that I absolutely will NOT give in and purchase Imperial Assault.” Now, you may find my lack of faith in this game disturbing, but let me tell you why I’m sticking stubbornly to this resolution until I the day I inevitably cave in.

I own Descent. And its expansions. But I’m no weak-minded fool. I wouldn’t invest all this money into the game without playing it. And I have played it, but always other peoples’ copies of it.

As for my own copy, well, I take it off the shelf and admire it periodically, but, admittedly, it functions more as an ornament on my shelf that collects dust. A dust ornament. And that’s why, even though no one else I know is planning on purchasing Imperial Assault, instead of investing in this awesome game that will likely end up as a shelf warmer, I’ve resolved to, instead, console myself with the lie for as long as possible that I’m not going to give in and buy it.

But, getting back to Decent, I’m curious. Do you have any games like this in your collection? A game you would enjoy playing, and plan on keeping, but there it sits, never hitting the table for some reason. Which games in your collection are dust ornaments, and why?
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