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Wormhole Storage Solution
Head in the Clouds
Updated: Thursday, Dec 4, 2014
Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise, and I’ve recently harnessed the awesome power of wormholes to store my board game collection in. This means that, unlike me, you probably don’t have an infinite amount of interdimensional space in which to store your board games. Instead, you’re forced to adhere to the laws of physics and store your games on shelves, like some sort of neanderthal.

This lack of wormhole access for the common man leads me to confusion when I look at how some board games are packaged. Take Splendor, for example. Inside this game’s box there’s enough unused space to fit another entire game. Or several.

And Splendor is not the only game guilty of this waste of space. As a result, sooner or later, the game shelf of those without their own personal wormhole starts to resemble a “Head In The Clouds” segment: at first look, it seems to have substance, but, upon closer inspection, you find there’s actually a lot of nothing there. And as you add more mostly empty boxes to your collection, it’s inevitable that you’ll prematurely outgrow your available storage space.

The logical choice, of course, is to take over your wife’s knitting area, commandeering her shelves to store your surplus board game boxes. But you can only sleep on the couch for so long before you realize that you need to find a better solution.

Another option would be to swap boxes. There’s no reason why Splendor couldn’t reside in a generic deck box, now taking up just a fraction of the space. Problem solved.

But this is where logic yields to practicality. I’ve never seen any gamer who’s done this with the games in their collection. And, yes, part of it is presentation. While generic boxes may take up less space, aesthetically, it goes against the grain. A game collection simply looks better in its original boxes.

So, I’m interested in finding out how do you deal with storage space overflow? Does anyone out there actually re-box? Do you rent storage space? Would you be interested in renting experimental wormhole-based storage space? (Warning: Objects stored in wormhole may evaporate from reality.) Let me know how you deal with storage space issues in the video's comments.
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