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Are You Kidding Me?!? - Season 2 Fundraiser Update #5
Updated: Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
Time. Each and every day, 1,440 more minutes tick, tick, tick their way into oblivion, taking with them lost opportunities and the memory of where I left my car keys. This relentless, unstoppable migration of minutes is never more painfully obvious than when running a fundraising campaign. Except, perhaps, when waiting for a baked potato to cook. That takes forever. … Yeah, okay, running a fundraiser campaign is a close second after that.

Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here, and time is something that’s often been on my mind as we’ve approached this, the final ten days of the fundraiser to help finance Season Two of the Pair Of Dice Paradise board game channel.

With just a few short days left, the campaign has raised roughly 20% of its goal towards financing Season Two. And there’s just one thing that I can say in response to those results: are you kidding me?!? That is wonderful! Amazing!

I mean, think about it: If I’d launched a fundraiser a year ago, back when Pair Of Dice Paradise first started broadcasting, I’d expect the response back then to have been zero. All of the viewers and support that’s come in during this campaign has been earned over just the last twelve months. And, to have so many viewers find value in the channel in so little time is simply astounding, and I’m grateful for every single viewer, subscriber and contributor that Pair Of Dice Paradise has picked up along the way.

But, at the time of this recording, there’s still ten days left in the campaign, which is plenty of time for us to rise to the challenge and see how close we can get to the goal before it ends. If you enjoy Pair Of Dice Paradise’s content: my segments on The Dice Tower’s Board Game Breakfast show, our Thrift Sift, Component Component, the board game review segments, and the other random board-game-podcasty episodes I periodically post, then I encourage you to contribute towards this channel’s fundraiser which will help finance the production of Season Two.

But what if the fundraiser comes in short of it’s financial goal? What will I do then? That’s an excellent question, and not just because I’m the one who asked it. The answer is: I will do exactly the same thing I’ll do if the goal is met: put every available resource, minute and ounce of energy into continuing to produce content for the channel as possible. The question is: how much time will there be available? And that’s will be answered by how much the fundraiser raises. Every dollar towards its goal finances several more hours of production in 2015.

And as I hope our regular viewers agree, I try to put as much polish as possible into everything I produce for Pair Of Dice Paradise. Whether its the episodes’ scripts, research, video editing, or even the perks for this campaign.

For example, for the Your Support Means a Mint perk level, I designed these two-sided, full color custom 2-inch gold coins. They’re excellent for determining first player in a game, using as a current player marker, or garnishing a baked potato.

For the For A More Stable, Playable Table perk, I’m in the process of producing a custom illustration that will be used on full-color gaming mats to be printed by

If you enjoy the content that Pair Of Dice Paradise produces, and find value in it, I’m here to ask you to consider making a contribution to our Indiegogo fundraiser campaign, which will help provide the financial support to allow more episodes be produced throughout 2015.

But regardless of how much the campaign raises, I will continue producing as much content as I can. But reaching the fundraising goals unlocks the opportunity to approach production of this channel as a part-time, or even a full-time occupation. In short: more fun stuff, more often.

So, to everyone who has contributed to the fundraiser so far, I want to sincerely thank you. You’ve opened the door for some new opportunities in 2015 that Pair Of Dice Paradise wouldn’t have had otherwise. And to everyone who’s considering contributing to the fundraiser, I appreciate it. There’s still time, so let’s see what we can do in these final few days! Thanks so much, and I’ll talk to you all again soon.
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