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Board Game Breakfast Segment #10: Hey, That's My Fish!
Plays Well With Others
Updated: Sunday, Jun 1, 2014
Hello, Dice Tower viewers. Chaz Marler from the Pair Of Dice Paradise board game podcast here. Today I’m going to offer a sneaky tip for owners of the awesome little game Hey! That’s My Fish. This is one of my favorite games. In fact, I’m sure it’d be right up in my top twenty if I were to rank my favorite games of all time.

Hey, someone should do that some time.

But, as much as I love it, this often happens when playing.

What’s one to do? Fortunately, help is on the way, thanks to our old friend: Heroscape. If you’re fortunate enough to own a copy of Heroscape, here’s a sneaky tip that you can use to upgrade your games of Hey! That’s My Fish.

To keep the ice floes from floating away as you play, start by creating the grid of sixty tiles, but using upside-down Heroscape water tiles. Then, place the ice pieces inside them. With the water tiles upside down, they keep the ice pieces in place as you play.

They also match the watery theme of the game, which is an added bonus.

So, there’s a sneaky tip on how you can use the water hexes from Heroscape to upgrade your game of Hey! That’s My Fish. Heroscape. Once again demonstrating why it is the duct tape of board games. Oh, Heroscape, is there anything you can’t do? ...besides stay in print, that is.
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