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Board Game Breakfast Segment #3: Finding Gaming Locations
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Updated: Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014
Hello there, Dice Tower viewers, I’m Chaz Marler of the Pair Of Dice Paradise podcast with the third part of this inaccurately numbered two-part series about building a gaming group. Parts one and two focused on finding PEOPLE for your gaming group. Since then, I’ve been asked for some suggestions on WHERE to meet up, so this time I’ll provide some tips for finding LOCATIONS for your group.

So, the obvious question is “why not just meet in your home”? Well, that’s certainly an option. That was easy. I’m done. What, what’s that? I have over a minute left? Oh, okay. Well, there’s a few potential space and privacy reasons why it may not be desirable to meet at your house, especially if it’s a large or brand new group of people. So, other locations to consider include:

Game stores. Some game stores have a space set aside especially for gaming. Most of them are happy to let you play there. Just remember, buying your games from the store whose space you’re using is often the difference between being a welcome visitor, and just loitering.

Depending on your group’s membership, church and school meeting rooms may also be a viable location. As an added bonus, these locations can be prone to passers by dropping in to check things out, which can lead to new players who likely have interests similar to your current members.

Another location that I discovered many gaming groups in my town meet at is local cafes and restaurants. This opens up many potential locations for gaming around town, locations where you won’t even need to leave in order to eat. On the downside, these locations can be noisier than average, and your game components may get covered in grease or syrup.

Finally, my favorite. The hidden gem of gaming locations, community centers; places specifically for providing a place for members of the community to meet. Some are free, others are rented at an hourly rate. Typically, your town’s City Hall is a good place to get more information.

Hopefully, this list includes some potential gaming venues you may not have thought of yet. I’ll see you next time!
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