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Board Game Decathlon 2015 (Mockumentary)
Plays Well With Others
Updated: Monday, Mar 30, 2015
Witness the meteoric rise of board gaming legend, Murr Rockstroh! This is the story of a board gamer who defied the odds to become champion of the 2015 Board Game Decathlon. It's a story that would surely be true, if only it wasn't fiction.

The "2015 Board Game Decathlon" mockumentary was produced to raise funds and awareness for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. Nearly twenty board game media creators contributed their time and talent to the project, including:

Chaz Marler (Pair Of Dice Paradise)
Eric Summerer (The Dice Tower)
Forrest Bower (Bower's Game Corner)
Geof Gambill (The Long View)
Hunter Shelburne (Weaponsgrade Tabletop)
Ignacy Trzewiczek (Portal Games)
Joel Eddy (Drive Thru Review)
Mark Streed (Board Game Corner)
Marty Connell (Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
Michael Forder (NVS Gameplays)
Rhiannon Ochs (Spooning Meeples)
Ricky Perez (Let's Level Up)
Rodney Smith (Watch It Played)
Scott "Tox" Morris (Crits Happen)
Tiffany Ralph (The One TAR)
Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower)
Tony McRee (Rolling Dice & Taking Names)

Jack Vasel Memorial Fund
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