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Boardgame Day #1 in Creswell
Updated: Sunday, Aug 25, 2013
On On August 25th, 2013, I hosted my very first board gaming event at the Creswell Community Center in Creswell, Oregon. So, how did it go?

Well, it was small, but still fun. How small? Real small. Okay, one person showed up. Fortunately, my wife was available to also come join in, which increased attendance by 50%.

But that's pretty much the results I expected for my very first gaming get-together. Let's see how much I can increase attendance for the next one!

Here's some images from the event:

Brought lots of games to play, and a couple of potential prizes for Wits & Wagers (but there weren't enough players for Wits &Wagers).

It's every monster for themselves as we each tried to become the King of Tokyo. (Alas, I was not crowned king.)

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