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Boardgame Day #4 in Creswell
Updated: Sunday, Sep 15, 2013
This meetup had a bit of a strange start, when the previously scheduled venue was discovered to be inaccessible. (Mental note: always test your key beforehand!)

Locked out of our usual location, things looked grim for gaming. Fortunately, it was such a beautiful day that we were able to relocate to a nearby park, and then played games out in the sunshine.

It's the city's Parks & Recreation Department to the rescue!

We welcomed two new attendees to the group over games of The Resistance: Avalon and Revolution!

I apologize to anyone who came late and missed us. We left a note on the door with info on the change of venue, but I worry that it might have blown away.

So, I learned a lot of things at this gaming event. First, I learned just how many rocks it takes to prevent the cards from The Resistance: Avalon from blowing off a picnic table. Secondly, when hosting events at a locked venue, always be sure to test your key first. The time you'd spend standing outside a locked door testing and retesting your key will be better spent playing games with friends.

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