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Game Giveaway Unlocked & More: Fundraiser Update #3
Updated: Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014
Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here, with news about a new contest that’s been unlocked as part of the Pair Of Dice Paradise Season Two fundraiser!

We’ve achieved another milestone. Well, YOU achieved it with your pledges. I pretty much just sat here saying encouraging things and metaphorically staring at at everyone awkwardly through the internet. (No, I haven’t considered becoming a motivational speaker, why do you ask?)

The fundraiser has reached $2,000 in pledges, which has unlocked a contest to give away this copy of Tragedy Looper. The game that not only asks you to solve a mystery, but also requires you to do it while being periodically transported backwards through time.

Here’s how the Tragedy Looper giveaway is going to work. Everyone who has contributed to the Season Two fundraiser campaign to date is automatically entered into this product giveaway.

But don’t worry! Everyone who donates to the fundraise through Friday, October 3rd will also be entered into the drawing. So, there’s still time to enter! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell that girl that you always see at the game shop wearing the denim Lynyrd Skynyrd jacket with the sleeves cut off. (Counting to three on fingers.) Yeah, I think that covers everyone you could tell.

And finally, for technical reasons, to prevent bureaucratic red tape that would be associated with the contest being considered a “sweepstakes”, there’s also no purchase necessary to enter. People can also enter the Tragedy Looper drawing by sending an email with the subject line “Tragedy Looper Contest” to the email address: It Would Be Easier If You Just Donated @

All donations made by, and emails received by, 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday, October 3rd will be entered into the contest. A winner of this copy of Tragedy Looper will be drawn randomly from all qualifying entrants soon after the contest closes.

Alright, so, in the meantime, what’s coming up next? The next fundraiser milestone is the $3,000 level, which gets us 25% of the way to our goal, and at which point we’ll give away a $25 gift certificate to an online board game retailer. Ooh, so, be sure to tell the girl in the denim Lynyrd Skynyrd jacket about that one too.

I’ve also been busy in the studio recording several more board game reviews, a review of Mint Tin Aliens and Pirates (which will soon be launching a kickstarter campaign of their own) was recently posted, I’m collaborating with a few friends of the show on a couple of videos to be posted on their channels; and I’ve somehow accumulated 17 games that are all being considered for Thrift Sift episodes. Games like… what's that? Oh, we’re keeping the Thrift Sift games a secret? Oh, okay.

So, there’s plenty of work to do between now and the next fundraiser update, at which time I plan on sharing the next phase of the custom playmat illustration.

I’ll check in with you all again with another fundraiser update after October 3rd, when the Tragedy Looper content ends. In the meantime, if anyone considering making a donation to the Season Two fundraiser has a question about it, or Pair Of Dice Paradise in general, contact me and let me know. Thanks, and I’ll see all of you around the interwebz again soon!
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