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Growing Up Gamer (Kid Game Reviews)
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Monopoly for Moppets
Growing Up Gamer (Kid Game Reviews)
So you have a child who has been introduced to Monopoly. You want to encourage their interest in boardgames, but you also don't want the better part of your day spent circling the streets of cardboard Atlantic City. What to do?

In this episode, I review an alternate set of rules that we use when playing Monopoly with our first-grader. It keeps your Monopoly time to a few enjoyable minutes, instead of a mundane marathon.

This is Monopoly for Moppets.
October 15, 2013
Dinosaur Bingo
Growing Up Gamer (Kid Game Reviews)
Like awkward things?
In this premiere episode of my Growing Up Gamer podcast, I review Dinosaur Bingo, a game my daughter has grown up playing.

Is this game as coarse and unpolished as I am in this first episode?
Let's find out as we explore the quality of the gameplay, components, price and overall fun factor of a game that's seen a lot of play in our household, Dinosaur Bingo.
September 3, 2013

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