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GTS Come And Play Day 2014: Introduction
Updated: Sunday, Jun 29, 2014
Hello, Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise here. This past week, I was invited to attend the GTS Come And Play Day in Seattle.

Many of you may not know what GTS Come And Play days are, which is understandable, because I didn’t know either as recently as a week ago. It isn’t a convention that’s open to the public, it’s actually a trade show where board game publishers meet with retailers to discuss upcoming releases and give each other feedback to make improvements to game content, design and packaging. Some media producers, such as myself and Rodney Smith from Watch It Played, were also present to conduct interviews and investigate new releases.

Over the course of the two days that I was at GTS, I spoke with representatives from companies like Upper Deck, iello, arcane wonders, and many others, discussing their recent and soon to be released games. I recorded enough footage for over a dozen videos. I’m in the process of editing it all right now, and I’ll be releasing it as a series of episodes on the Pair Of Dice Paradise YouTube channel over the course of the next few days.

In addition to meeting and speaking with the organizers of GTS and dozens of publishers, I also had the opportunity, after months of corresponding online, to finally meet face to face with “Tox” Scott Morris from Crits Happen and “Little” Rodney Smith from Watch It Played. And if that wasn’t enough to throw me into a nerd-coma, that night we all got together to play a prototype of Arcane Wonders’ upcoming Sheriff Of Nottingham. And I won! Okay, I didn’t win but I was this close to beating… last. I came in last.

In case you’re wondering what these guys are like in real life, I can honestly tell you that they are as warm and friendly in person as I pretend to be on camera. Especially Scott, who took it upon himself to be my surrogate host at the show, doing everything he could to make me feel welcome. Thanks, buddy.

Seeing them both at the show, I couldn’t help but MARVEL at what Rodney and Scott have accomplished, and it’s due to their talent, not just a roll of the DICE. They’re MASTERS of their profession. Their talent isn’t HIDDEN. It’s a fact you can’t CONtest, er, I mean conTEST … Boy, that was certainly a series of strangely worded sentences. Hmm, wonder what that was about. Maybe the video will shed some light on that.

There’s one more thing I wanted to mention about my time at GTS. During lunch the second day, I had, for first time anywhere, ever, a random person come up to me and tell me that he recognized me from the Pair Of Dice Paradise videos. You know, like a “hello” from a fan of the series. It kind of blew my mind. So, here’s a big shout out to Andrew. Thank you for coming up and saying “hi”. I really appreciated it, and I think I was more excited about it than you were.

So that’s my initial report from the 2014 GTS Seattle Come And Play Day. I hope this video horderve has whet your appetite for the board game video entrees that are yet to come. For now, I’m going to get back to editing, and I’ll see you all again real soon here at Pair Of Dice Paradise.
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