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Pair Of Dice Paradise vs. Flip The Table (Rap Battle)
Plays Well With Others
Updated: Monday, Jul 13, 2015
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Flip The Table:

You complain 'bout Trump’s vain game,
I share your disdain for this box of lame.
And I know it’s insane, but I couldn’t abstain.
I was drawn to the pain, like a moth to a flame.

With all these GOOD games packin’ our shelves,
Why do we do THIS to ourselves?
They’re cast aside, and instead we dwell
In our very own, personal, board game hells.

I know that you, may resent this,
But I’ve got it worse, and I gotta present this!
I’ll admit, and I may regret this,
Along with Trump, I endured The Apprentice!

And mentioning THIS, may seem crass,
But I was FIRST, to score a Backstage Pass.
And it may be unwise, but finish your fries,
‘Cause it’s your roll and move now, "SURPRISE!"

Quit your complainin'! We're the ones who are REALLY painin'...
Down in Waterworld while Clarissa's Explainin'!
We got a closet full of Cheesy, Weird, and Obscure
And these people keep sending us MORE to endure!

We play the kind of games that you just couldn’t stand
Like “Doorways to Horror” with “COLORSCAAAN!”
You wanna talk about living in board game hell?
I got four words for you: “Saved by the Bell.”

I'll see your Justin Bieber and I'll raise you TWO.
While you're "Getting your wings," we're playing "Terminator Two"
While your "Head's in the clouds," we're identifying birds!
And "Dexter"? I just...I don't have the words!

I got 10,000 points, but I only need to make ONE...
layin’ cheesy games is what we know how to get DONE...
So, Mr. Marler...the floor is yours.
I dare you to try to even the scores...

In this Battle Of Wits, you’re doin’ alright.
But now I’m gonna blow like Dynamite!
The world at large may think it’s lame,
But it's pretty much my Favorite Animal Game.

Now you don't seem the type, to hold a grudge,
So I’ll share my theory, and let U B The Judge:
Sounds like when left, to your own devices,
You’re suffering a bit, of a Mid-Life Crisis.

I’m gonna burst you like a "Board Game Bubble!”
Wait...I think we’re in “Board game trouble!”
It’s all become clear from the lyrics of this song
It’s obvious that something has gone horribly wrong!

Maybe it’s time that we end all this pain
Maybe rest our brains with a nice game of Trains!
We can stop being thugs...maybe Blurble with a Vee-Bug
Now doesn’t that sound like a nice warm hug?

Maybe we could play a Feld
with Florey, Laserbooks, and Hunnefeld.
Aw, who am I kidding? Truth be telled,
Our bizarre game quest, can't be quelled.

Some people might say we're obsessed with this badness...
Like a game of Candy Land, we ain’t got many choices
Gonna talk about these games ‘til we lose our voices!

A Very Important Question just occurred to me:
Perhaps we need some therapy?
A second-hand cardboard lobotomy,
Cause thrifting and sifting has flipped ME!

I think you nailed it! With LASER PRECISION.
Playing all these weird games isn't even a decision!

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