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Team V.E.S.T. episode 1: What is GenCANT?!?
Plays Well With Others
Updated: Sunday, Jul 26, 2015

SCENE: Chaz and Marty are both in vests, talking into phones to each other.

CHAZ (Into phone like walkie-talkie): This is Team V.E.S.T. member codename Cloud Boy calling Selfie Stick. Come in Selfie Stick.

MARTY (Into phone like walkie-talkie): I told you, I’m not using that code name.

CHAZ: Come again, Selfie Stick?

MARTY: You didn’t even ask me what codename I wanted.

CHAZ: Is this Tony? Tony, give the phone to Selfie Stick.

MARTY: I’m not doing this is you keep calling me that. If you want to call me by a code name, you can refer to me as… oh, I don’t know, Moonpie, okay?

CHAZ: Look, code names aren’t important. What is important is the second annual GenCant that is coming up.

MARTY: GenCant? What’s that?

CHAZ: Well, if you’d been at the meeting where I handed out code names, then you’d know that GenCant is the biggest board game convention of the summer! And Team V.E.S.T. has been assigned to cover it!

MARTY: Well Tony provides me meeting requests and agendas...anyway... I thought it was called GenCon, not GenCant.

CHAZ: (Incredibly polite and chipper) No, you miserable stupid idiot! GenCon is an annual gaming convention held in Indianapolis, attended by nearly 60,000 people. GenCant is the unconventional convention for all the other gamers who can’t attend GenCon, held wherever they may be!

MARTY: Why, GenCant sounds like a world-wide celebration! Is there a website or something where people could find out more information about participating in GenCant?

CHAZ: Yessirree! There is a website with more details at, and GenCant is on Twitter at @GenCant.

MARTY: Excellent. But, why would people want to participate in GenCant online at and on Twitter at @GenCant?

CHAZ: Well, that’s what Team V.E.S.T. has been assigned to find out. We’re here to investigate how GenCant’s lines, crowds, expenses, and prizes compare to those at “the other four days in gaming”.

MARTY: Did you say prizes?

CHAZ: Yes, just like last year, GenCant is being sponsored by several amazing board game podcasters and publishers, who are donating some fantabulous prizes!

MARTY: (Happy inflection) GenCant sounds amazing!

CHAZ: Members of Team V.E.S.T. are not eligible to win GenCant contests.

MARTY: (Exact same happy inflection) GenCant sounds adequate!

CHAZ: Indeed! Let’s start investigating GenCant and find out just how adequate it is!

MARTY: Roger that. Moonpie out.

CHAZ: GenCant, here we come!

VOICEOVER: Join Team V.E.S.T. next time as they continue to investigate GenCant. And in the meantime, find out how you can participate in the Unconventional Convention by visiting and @GenCant on Twitter!


CHAZ: (Sad, still holding phone) Not once did he call me Cloud Boy.
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