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Team V.E.S.T. episode 2: GenCant vs. GenCon
Plays Well With Others
Updated: Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

MARTY: As part of Team V.E.S.T.’s investigative report on GenCant, we’ve discovered several key differences between this Unconventional Convention and GenCon.

CHAZ: First of all, registration was a breeze! I was able to make my badge myself, and there was no online housing lottery circus. Neither figurative nor literal.

MARTY: Where are you staying during GenCant, Chaz?

CHAZ: Right here in the comfort of my own home.

MARTY: Sweet!

CHAZ: I know, right?

MARTY: Yeah.

CHAZ: Yeah!

MARTY (screaming): Yeah!!!

CHAZ: (confused look)

MARTY: And here’s something that I know you’ll find interesting, Chaz. There’s plenty of space for gaming at GenCant. There’s no crowds!

CHAZ: That’s excellent!

MARTY: I know, right?

CHAZ: Yeah, I hate pretty much everybody.

MARTY: (confused look)

CHAZ: (smiling with blank look as if he didn’t say anything particularly strange)

MARTY: In fact, I’ve been playing five games simultaneously because of the ample table space. (shots of Marty playing five different games by himself at five different tables, each with a different game set up on them.)

CHAZ: That would be fantastic, if it wasn’t also so very, very sad.

MARTY: (chipper, but confused, at one of the games all by himself) Somehow, I’m still losing!

CHAZ: And what’s that you’re wearing under your Vest, Marty?

MARTY: (now in sweats or pajamas) GenCant is a very casual environment. In fact many participants are reported to be spending the day playing in their pajamas. Now that’s comfort!

CHAZ: I know, right?

MARTY: (A shot of the scene he was just in, but now Marty is gone and it’s a shot of an empty room.)

CHAZ: M-Marty?

MARTY: (A shot of a closed bathroom door. Sound come through door.) And there’s no lines for the restrooms!

CHAZ: But all those things pale in comparison to the amazing prizes provided by GenCant’s sponsors which can be won by GenCant participants.

MARTY: The thought of winning these GenCant prizes make the thought of not winning GenCant prizes seem insane!

CHAZ: My goodness! With all this gaming space, roomy accommodations, friendly environment and contests, GenCon is starting to sound like a big, fat, stinky pile of hot garbage!

MARTY: Good point, Chaz. The only way we’re going to be able to draw an accurate comparison is to dig deeper. We’re going to travel into the belly of the beast.

CHAZ: You mean, we need to go to GenCon to investigate further?

MARTY: Oh, man. Yeah. That’s a much better idea than what I was thinking.

CHAZ: Got your GenCon badge and tickets, Marty?

MARTY: Yeah!!! (At door with suitcase, still in sweats/pajamas under vest. Exits through door.)

CHAZ: Alright, GenCon, get ready, because here comes Team V.E.S.T.!

TITLE: Team V.E.S.T. will return, on location at GenCon!


MARTY: (Re-entering door with suitcase, still in sweats/pajamas under vest.) I’d better go put on some clothes first.
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